What We Do

Mindfulness is a means to work with our bodies natural hardware and biochemistry. When practiced regularly mindfulness navigates us to greater states of joy, creativity, peace, harmony and connects us more deeply to ourselves and others. It’s our goal to help your workforce learn and experience the power of these simple practices and teach them how to incorporate them through their work day.

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The Program

  • The Power of Your Breath: Within this module will we learn why our breath matters, how it works and develop several breathing techniques. Each technique will allow each practitioner to shift their mental and energetic state in as little as 3-5 minutes. Included in this module are ways to energize, decompress, shift from anxiety and balance the mind.

  • Desk Detox: This module will address shoulder, back, wrists and other physical strains brought forth by long work hours, hunching over technology and long periods of sitting. Your team will learn how to counter the debilitating effects of “office postures” utilizing various, simple, in-office physical exercises keeping them fresh, open and creative.

  • Meditation: This powerful tool brings it all together; mind, body and breath. Here we will learn different meditation techniques that are conduits to our imagination, relaxation, better sleep and ultimately greater mental bandwidth.

  • Digital Detox: “Are you in control of your technology or is your technology in charge of you?” It’s a powerful question that helps wake people up to this relationship. If this relationship remains unaddressed, the stress tech typically causes will continually affect employees and the entire work environment. Our Digital Detox classes provide each employee and the company an opportunity to understand, change this relationship and work in a Digitally Mindful capacity.

  • Mindfulness Practices: While each of the aforementioned modules are part of developing a mindfulness experience, there are several other bio-hacks that will help shift your employee’s energy, mental states and foster and improve emotional intelligence.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Emotional Intelligence (EQ) development is the pinnacle of our mindfulness program. Increasing EQ has a tremendous influence on one's health, performance, self control, well-being, sense of fulfillment, motivation, determines one’s ability to make wise decisions and so much more.

How We Work

This program is also flexible to your company’s needs and is also effective as a single day or multi-day workshop.

Our Shift-to-Flow Mindfulness Program works best through 12 sessions, each 35-45 minutes over a two to three month period. Learning mindfulness through time allows these practices to integrate effectively and also allows your employees to grow and grasp more awareness week-after-week.

We open every program with “Shift-to-Flow”; an experiential introduction to mindfulness, its benefits and how and why it works. This 45-50 minute presentation will close with a short Q&A to ensure that everyone is well informed and at ease before beginning our work together.

We will start our class work by breaking down and simplifying the fundamentals of mindfulness. Each lesson allows your team to play and practice with these tools as they learn how to decompress and release from stress in the moment. Your employee’s experience with the fundamentals creates the platform for us to step into and develop greater Emotional Intelligence.

There is always time each session for discussion and review to ensure all team members are comfortable with this work and understand the material.

We’d love to work with you. For questions, booking and pricing click the button below.

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